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Customer Name:  Kelly E.

Town of Residence:  Waltham, MA

Here is what Kelly had to say:

"I've been a customer of Rogers Pharmacy since I was an infant and they delivered to my Mom.  Some years ago I switched to CVS....and I quite quickly switched back.

Quick story - last Thursday I had a near-death experience due to a bout with anaphylactic shock.  Very serious with a hospital visit and 3 days quarantine due to immune system suppression.  On day 2, I am having violent side-effects to the life-saving meds - and need a perscription BUT there's a hurricane racing our way - and the pharmacist needs to get home.  He calls my doctor on a Sunday to get the refill faster and then offers to DRIVE it to my house because he knows I can't wait until after the hurricane.  It was the meds or the ER for the meds....

There are times that remind you of why you always shop at one store and never change.  Jon reminded me again of why Rogers now, Rogers forever.  Think CVS is gonna make a housecall during a hurricane b/c you are in desperate pain?  Think ROGERS!"

Customer Name:  Kym R.

Town of Residence:  Waltham, MA

Here is what Kym had to say:

"The five stars say it all!!!
A excellent pharmacy staff, pharmacists."

Customer Name:  Emma B.

Town of Residence:  Quincy, MA

Here is what Emma had to say:

"This is by far the best pharmacy I have ever been to!  It has the most amazing nostalgic feel to it. It reminds me of a mom and pop pharmacy straight out of the 1950's.  I only ended up stumbling upon Roger's Pharmacy because CVS changed my prescription to a brand name that didn't react favorably to me.  When I called my insurance company to find out where I could get the prescription that I was used to getting, they said that they had no control over the brand names that pharmacies stock.  Basically, I would have had to call around every pharmacy in the area and inquire about the specific drug manufacturer for which I was seeking.  This would have proved to be quite a tedious undertaking.  My doctor immediately called Roger's, which he said was his favorite pharmacy and the pharmacy at which even he fills his personal prescriptions.  The man who answered the phone said that they would have no problem filling my prescription with the brand I was looking for.  

From the second I walked into Roger's, I fell in love with this place!  The customer service was unsurpassable! They took my prescription and filled it within 5 minutes and were so friendly.  You could tell by the various conversations going on in this store that customers have been going here for a long time.  The staff greeted the customers by name when they walked through the door.  I had to go there tonight to pick up my remaining prescription, because they had ordered the rest of the brand that I was looking for.  Even though I had only been there once before, the pharmacist remembered me and knew that I was there to pick up the medication from the month before. This impressed me beyond belief!  I've been going to the same CVS for years now and even though the pharmacists recognize me, they still ID me every time I pick up a prescription and then proceed to write down all of my license information, which makes it a long process.  Perhaps that is just CVS's corporate policy, but Roger's didn't require that I go through that whole humdrum process again because the pharmacist remembered me.

Furthermore, this place has a huge selection of remedies for just about anything--injuries, infections, colds, grooming needs, etc.  I have driven by Roger's Pharmacy so many times and always knew of its existence.  In fact, my mom had brought me here once as a kid when I sprained my leg and needed an air cast, but as an adult I never thought to go anywhere but the 24-hour CVS.  If I lived in the Metrowest area, this would be the only pharmacy I would go to.  They sell crutches, splints, sport injury products, foot care products, all-natural cough suppressants, and so many other items that you would never find at a CVS or Walgreens. Even though it's a mom and pop store, they have quite an impressive pharmaceutical POS software, which I have never seen used in the industry before. This software is even more technology advanced than that which CVS uses. In addition, they are open every day of the week and remain open until 8 pm during the weekdays.  Again, I was super impressed and could not possibly think of one negative aspect of my experience at Roger's Pharmacy."